Tarun Manrai
1 min readMar 24, 2021
BONDING WITH BLOOD — T-Shirts, Hoodies, ladies racerback tanks

Bond with your siblings

Let us talk about working with siblings. Would it be challenging to work in both creative and professional capacities with a sibling? Would the genetic ESP make for perfect collaboration efforts? Who holds the pen, and who holds the thoughts? Who holds the camera, and who gets in front of it?

Research has stated that the success of siblings who work together is pretty impressive. For example, Ruby and Ellie, my next door neighbours are two sisters channeling their kindred spirits into a wildly successful blog. Mark and Lucy, my cousins run an event management company and are counting dollars!

Have you ever thought of partnering with your sibling? What do you think the challenges and rewards would be? Think about it!

Let us celebrate our blood bonds! Gift this special TEE to your sis! We hope she’ll love it!

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