AWS Fargate -Run containers without having to manage servers or clusters

AWS Fargate allows us to run containers without having to manage clusters. With AWS Fargate, we no longer have to provision, configure, and scale clusters to run containers so that we can focus on designing and building our applications instead of managing the infrastructure that runs them. AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine for containers that works with both Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Fargate allocates the right amount of compute, eliminating the need to choose instances and scale cluster capacity. Fargate runs each task or pod in its own kernel providing the tasks and pods their own isolated compute environment. This enables your application to have workload isolation and improved security by design. This is why customers such as Vanguard, Accenture, Foursquare, and Ancestry have chosen to run their mission critical applications on Fargate.


With Fargate, you can focus on building and operating your applications whether you are running it with ECS or EKS. You only interact with and pay for your containers, and you avoid the operational overhead of scaling, patching, securing, and managing server

Individual ECS tasks or EKS pods each run in their own dedicated kernel runtime environment and do not share CPU, memory, storage, or network resources with other tasks and pods. This ensures workload isolation and improved security for each task or pod.

With Fargate, you get out-of-box observability through built-in integrations with other AWS services including Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights. Fargate allows you to gather metrics and logs for monitoring your applications through an extensive selection of third party tools with open interfaces.

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