STAY STYLISH AT THE GYM — T-Shirts, Ladies tanktops

What does going to the gym means to you? Pulling on a tee and shorts, a sweatband, and some sneakers? Who cares!!

NOPE!! It is not only a workout, it is also an excuse to splash out on the latest trendy gym wear and share selfies with friends and family.

What you wear depends on how you intend to workout. STAY STYLISH at the gym……pull on our WAKE UP, WORK OUT, LOOK HOT, KICK ASS Tank and hit the gym.

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BONDING WITH BLOOD — T-Shirts, Hoodies, ladies racerback tanks

Bond with your siblings

Let us talk about working with siblings. Would it be challenging to work in both creative and professional capacities with a sibling? Would the genetic ESP make for perfect collaboration efforts? Who holds the pen, and who holds the thoughts? …

Social media these days husband wife T-Shirts, Hoodies, ladies racerback tanktops
Social media these days husband wife T-Shirts, Hoodies

Social media these days is full of people cracking jokes on relationships. And the most famous of them all is husband-wife combos. Now, it is well-established that this relationship is full of arguments, love, fights, affection, and tiffs. And sometimes, it can be funny! I found this one that had the internet cracking.

To be honest, I don’t even feel bad for my husband when I act crazy anymore…….





Another one:

I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes…………..


Surprise your wife with this amazing Tee! Choose your color!

(For the wife: You can gift it to your hubby! We’re sure it is relatable)

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Julia Overtakes the technical world, overrules Python

Julia is the latest approach to technical computing and has garnered immense popularity in the technical world lately. It is being compared to the classic hero of programming language, Python and many are rating Julia well above it. …

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

To scale the data tier for both types of applications, it’s not uncommon to find middleware managing single-node database instances. But this approach has its limitations and management overhead challenges, which have led to distributed databases gaining in popularity across the workload spectrum.

In recent years, NoSQL distributed databases have…

Are You Doing Agile Software Development The Right Way

Agile development has been around for years, but not everybody is doing it the right way.

Most development teams say that they use agile software development for building world-class applications. To some extent, they are right. Agile surely supports the development of top-notch applications. But it is possible that teams…

Protecting microservices with service mesh

In a microservice architecture, an application is decomposed into multiple services. Many organizations are adopting microservices architecture to become agile, scalable, and resilient. However, microservices architecture is likely to expose a lot more of your system’s functionality directly to the network. Monitoring, managing, and securing containers would be critical for…

Automating Kubernetes Environments with Ansible

Ansible is a powerful infrastructure automation tool. Kubernetes is a powerful application deployment platform. We will see how to use these tools to automate massively-scalable, highly-available infrastructure.

Ansible is a flexible, open source automation tool that comes with a complete set of capabilities to perform a variety of configuration management…

With the widespread pandemic, medical and public health experts predict the spread of disease and working towards finding new treatments and plan for clinical management of the pandemic. …

smart data flow

There is a growing need for a method to aggregate data and impose business strategy onto emerging technologies. Big Data is bulky and it lacks the precision needed for many important financial decisions. Smart data gets to the core of the information, allowing executives to zero in on important issues…

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